Hammered Heroes - Standard Edition

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Hammered Heroes - Standard Edition
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The balanced strategy game with attitude that's designed to get your drinking friends into card games and your card game friends drunk.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Hammered Heroes: Pickup Party!
2 days ago – Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 08:02:40 PM

Howdy Heroes!

Hammered Heroes is about to land! All 1,000 units or our game are just South of Alaska, making their way to Washington via the mythically named "Sofia Express" (which myth you ask? We... we don't know).

What this means is that the games aren't far from landing right here at the Hammered Heroes Team's doorstep! In celebration of the games landing here in the next week or two, we are planning a Hammered Heroes: Pickup Party!

On Sunday August 5th, if you are a Kickstarter Backer for Hammered Heroes in the greater Spokane area -- come and pick up your copy of the game (and official Kickstarter swag) between 12pm-4pm!

Come on down to Iron Goat Brewing and you can have a Hammered Heroes inspired beer with us -- and pick up the game in person!

Join the event page here for more info!:

For those of you fine folks not in the Spokane area -- fear not! We will be confirming all your shipping addresses here in the next few weeks and plan on starting the shipping process shortly after the 5th, so you can receive your copy and all your Kickstarter swag!

-- The Hammered Heroes Team

Hammered Heroes Hits the High Seas!
13 days ago – Thu, Jul 05, 2018 at 02:21:00 PM

Happy July Heroes! The Hammered heroes Team has been busy this month, so here is a few quick updates for you all!

Drink Book:

"The Art of Drinking: A Hammered Heroes Companion"
has officially been created! The Hammered Heroes team had to spend a couple evenings photographing, and letting our Pourlock "Shawn the Drizzled" create some masterful drinks for our drink book... it was no easy task for us to consume all of those amazing drinks, but we did it all for you! You fine Heroes who backed at our drink book tiers should get excited -- we're pretty stoked about how it all came together!

Custom Heroes:

Hammered Heroes artist Clancy Bundy has officially created all your custom heroes, and we couldn't help but share a look at how they all turned out!

Shot Glasses:

Feast your eyes on this baby! Our Hammered Heroes shot glasses have arrived, and we get the feeling everyone at this reward tier is going to enjoy using these little buggers when you give your friend a Party Foul while playing your copy of the game! Speaking of the game:

Game Status: All 1,000 units of our game are currently making their way across the high seas! The plant has officially loaded up and shipped the games this week and they are headed our way! We are now eagerly awaiting their arrival at our doorstep, and will be sure to update you all as soon as they land.

Side note: For up to the minute status updates from us, be sure to check out our Facebook page, where we have been sharing all of our adventures in creating Hammered Heroes so far!

For anyone in the Spokane, WA area -- watch for our next update, as well as keep an eye on our Event page on Facebook -- we may have a little surprise in store for you!

That's it for now Heroes, we will update you as soon as we receive more news Keep enjoying the summer, and be sure to have a few brews and enjoy that sun!

-- The Hammered Heroes Team

Stickers and Production!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 07:23:52 PM

Hey Heroes! Just a quick update for you fine folks!

LCCC 2018:

The Hammered Heroes Team had a blast at Lilac City Comicon this year, not only did we meet a ton of you amazing fans in person, we got to play a few rounds of the game with con-goers, sell some more pre-orders, and meet a ton of artists from our local area.

For those unaware, our Pre-Order store if officially closed, which means all orders are in and we are gathering and finishing up al of your rewards! Speaking of rewards:


The official Hammered Heroes Stickers have landed! Gaze at all their beauty backers, and make some space on your Trapper Keeper, wall, or forehead -- so you can tell the world how much of a Hammered Hero you are!

Custom Heroes: Artist Clancy Bundy has only 3 final custom heroes to create! Backers at our custom hero tier, we can't wait for you to see what he's cooked up for you!

Game Status: Production has officially finished on all 1,000 units of the game! The team is expected to receive the final Post-Production game next week for one final thumbs up, then all 1,000 units are getting loaded up and shipped our way via freight! We can't wait for them all to land. We will keep you posted as we get more info!

Thanks Heroes! Be sure to have a couple brews and enjoy that summer weather!

-- The Hammered Heroes Team

June Updates and LCCC 2018!
about 2 months ago – Tue, May 29, 2018 at 12:51:08 PM

Hello Heroes! Here's a quick update for you fine folks, as well as some info on the next Hammered Heroes Comicon Event!

Status Report:

Our games are nearing the end of the production timeline, and we should hear within the next week or so when all the units are expected to be loaded up and shipped to us via freight! In the meantime, we have been busy prepping all the rest of our Hammered Heroes swag for you all, finalizing the Hammered Heroes Drinking Companion Book, and or course, drawing custom heroes! Speaking of drawing heroes:

Custom Heroes:

Artist Clancy Bundy has been hard at work crafting "The Custom Heroes Cards". For backers in the "Become a Hammered Hero Tier" -- be sure to fill out and return your survey, they should all officially be in your hands now! Clancy is itching to finish them up!

Also, be sure to check out the "The Scribbles of Clancy" Facebook page to see his process in drawing these epic heroes!

Lilac City Comicon 2018! (LCCC 2018)

The Hammered Heroes team will be at LCCC this coming weekend (June 2nd and 3rd)! Swing on by to see the official prototype of the game, meet the team, maybe play a few rounds of Hammered Heroes with us, and convince your friends to Pre-Order a copy of the game!

Pre-orders for Hammered Heroes through BackerKit officially close on June 4th, so be sure to let anyone who might still want to order a copy of the game to do so, before that window closes!

You can find us at Booth 144 this weekend! See the map above to find our booth on the show floor, and swing on by, we would love to see you!

-- The Hammered Heroes Team

Prototype In, Production Begins!
2 months ago – Thu, May 10, 2018 at 08:54:44 PM

We are excited to share with you the official "Hammered Heroes Production Prototype"!

We officially received this last night and we couldn't be happier with how everything looks, so we just had to share it with you all! Hammered Heroes has finally become the game it was meant to be, and that's thanks to all of you!

Check out some of the amazing pics in this post to see how your copy of Hammered Heroes will officially look and be sure to check out the unboxing video below for even more detail!

We have officially signed off on this prototype, which means the machines are warming up, and Hammered Heroes goes into full production! The next step is for all 1,000 units to be created and put together, and then they will all be packaged up and shipped to us. We will keep you updated as we get more information on each step of the process, as well as inform you of upcoming Comicon Conventions we will be at, Gaming Events, and any other news we have as Hammered Heroes continues moving forward!


-- The Hammered Heroes Team